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Alice 09/11/2018

We would like to take a moment to thank all of our users and supporters all these years and we look forward to welcoming what is sure to be an exciting future for you and me.

To thank all of you, we’re making ALL devices available to new & existing customers for a limited time. Additionally, all users that signed up during the promotion period shall enjoy 30% off on all listed services after!



1. The Campaign

Our promotion will run for 6 days—During this period, we’ve got you:


More Devices:

We’ve added more real devices in our device labs and cloud for you to test as much as you want!

Registered emails have to be verified before you start testing!

Testin Promotional Campaign


2. Extra Perks:


Extra 30 minutes of free trial is provided in addition to full access to all devices!


Contact us if your initial 30 minutes is used up before Sep 10th.


Each user can enjoy 30% off for Security Test and Compatibility Test services, please contact our customer support!


The promotion will end on Sep 16th 2018 24:00 (GMT-4).

Please visit Testin to enjoy the special offer.



About Testin

Founded in June 2011, Testin is the world’s first cloud testing service platform supported by a team of professional QA testers that operates on real device test labs and automation testing technology.

Testin specialises in providing comprehensive testing services and tools ranging from functionality test, performance test, compatibility test, security test, stress test, load test to even continuous quality monitoring after the launching of a mobile app.

Testin Device Labs

Testin’s infrastructure has coverage of up to 50,000 real mobile devices and equipment, it is the world’s largest dedicated cloud-based real device testing lab.

Thus far, Testin has supported over 900,000 developers, tested more than 2,400,000 applications and conducted more than 190,000,000 tests globally. Our high-profile clients in various industries include ICBC Bank, Facebook, McDonald’s, Nestle, Starbucks, Mercedes-Benz, Philips and many others.



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