Top 5 Challenges In Mobile Application Testing
Kayla 10/19/2018

Usage of mobile apps steadily increase year by year, it boomed especially for shopping and media apps this year.

If you’re reading this, you must have an app and is interested in the challenges of testing your app. So let’s not waste time and get down to business!

Frequently enough, after installing an app and we would delete it after a few minutes. This often happens when it is not easy to use or maybe it takes up too much space. We will often ponder whether it is ‘worthy’ enough to occupy our phone storage.

Most people can be seen using an app due to its convenience factor. Apps have been in our lives for a while now, and most popular apps you see on the market does provide some form of assistance to our daily lives, be it Google Maps for navigation, Whatsapp for communication and many more.

With the rapidly maturing app market, how do you stand out?

The saturation of new apps in the market open doors to viruses and malicious softwares. Downloading tonnes of unknown apps can create bugs and create security issues on our mobile phones, especially for Android devices. It is a widespread occurrence especially these days. The number of bug-filled mobile apps is on a super rise. Again, we do want apps to be convenient and useful to us. If the app often freezes on my phone, I would easily get irritated and uninstall specific apps. 

Do you agree?



Here a compiled list of top challenges that mobile app developers typically face:

Device Fragmentation: There are so many devices to choose from, it is advisable to test on as many as possible. In fact, on the same device, you have to test for different usage and functions. This includes testing on different OS versions on both iOS and Android as well as different screen sizes on different devices.

Data Consumption: Multiple apps running altogether can hike up your monthly data consumption. Hence the data consumption for your app is a point for consideration.

Battery Life and Processing Power: An app needs to be battery friendly. An app that drains the battery too quickly is a complete no-no. In my experience, Snapchat sucks the life out of my phone (iPhone 6S).

UI and UX: Your app must have a clean and easy-to-use user interface. Natural and effortless user experience is what's important today. For example, in a shopping app, navigation from product to purchase should be easy for users. Font types, colours, placements are aspects to take into account.

Connection types: Your app may run on different mobile data connections (Edge, 3G, 4G) as well as different wireless networks (public, private). When users move around the connection type might change, it is important to test your app performance under these different conditions.

If you have a question in your mind whether any actions can be done for the challenges mentioned, the answer is yes. Based on the challenges above, you can properly plan and allocate resources for your mobile app testing. To perform mobile app testing, you may employ in-house testers or approach a third-party testing provider or even train developers to use cloud platforms. It really depends on the amount of testing and type of testing that is required.

It is vital to invest a good amount in mobile application testing to give your users hassle-free experiences through your apps. People usually think that developing and maintaining a mobile app is easy. However, it is not so in reality. If it was easy, more than half of the world would be doing it now. Quality mobile apps need a tremendous amount of effort and skills. And of course, everyone wants their app to be the best.

What determines a good app? Many times people perceive good apps with their 5-star ratings and reviews on app stores. Some perceive it by the amount of users, or even average usage sessions.

So is your app good enough based on the industry average?

Hopefully this article highlights the challenges that you need to look out for during testing.

Happy Testing!


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