What Are The Top Tested iOS And Android Devices In The Market 2018?
Alice 10/12/2018

When downloaded apps do not work on one’s iPhone and iPad, a user may lose their temperament and delete it. That’s why it’s important to test your applications thoroughly before releasing your app. Testing while developing the app locally on emulators is possible, but getting hands-on with your app on real devices is proven to be the best way.

The challenge with testing on real devices is that, with the wide range of devices available these days, it’s hard to know just which ones to test on. Testing on all devices is just not feasible, so you’re going to make a call to test on the most commonly used devices?—?a decision you hopefully won’t have to make blindly.

Who is Testin and Why Testin?

Testin Compatibility Test

At Testin, this is exactly what we’re trying to solve. As a service provider and developers, we have been frustrated by the lack of good tools to remotely gather app logs to get the key information we need to improve the quality of our products.

Which is why we created Testin—a service that helps developers see what’s really happening inside their apps. Application logs and screenshots can be download straightly, allowing developers to debug their apps on any phone in our labs remotely, all real.

We provide not only Remote Device Access, but also Compatibility Testing service on up to 50,000 devices and also Security Testing such as scanning, fortification and penetration.

Why It’s Important To Test On Commonly Used Devices

Of course, you may think that you should test your applications on the latest devices, and it’s true, you should. But realistically, the latest devices aren’t likely to be the most commonly used ones.

After a comprehensive market research, Testin has summered up the device recommendation for you to consider to test on:

The Top Devices for Testing iOS

iOS Devices (Global Active Usage %)


  • iPhone X (4.4%)
  • iPhone XS (New Release)
  • iPhone 8 (2.6%)
  • iPhone 8 Plus (3.7%)



  • iPhone 7 (18.1%)
  • iPhone 6S (14.9%)
  • iPhone 6 (13.3%)
  • iPhone 7 Plus (9.1%)
  • iPhone 5S (6.6%)
  • iPhone SE (6.6%)
  • iPhone 6S Plus (5.3%)
  • iPhone 6 Plus (3.7%)


The Top Devices for Testing Android

Android Devices (Global Active Usage %)


  • Samsung Galaxy S8 (< 2%)
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus (< 2%)
  • Google Pixel 2 (< 2%)
  • Huawei Mate 10 Pro (< 2%)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (< 2%)



  • Samsung Galaxy J7 (6%)
  • Samsung Galaxy On Nxt (4.8%)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (3.9%)
  • Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016) (3.8%)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (3%)
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (2.9%)
  • Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro (2.1%)
  • True Smart MAX 4.0 Plus (2%)


There are hundreds of other Android devices widely in use, but each has less than 2% of the overall usage.


The Top OS Versions for Testing

Alongside testing different devices, each ecosystem has its own range of OS versions distributed throughout devices. Testin also recommended testing your applications on the following OS versions:

Top iOS Versions for Testing

OS Version (Global Usage %)


  • 11 (83.9%)



  • 10 (13.3%)
  • 9 (2.7%)
  • 8 (0.1%)
  • 7 (< 0.1%)


iOS 8 and 7 are only listed here to indicate their global usage and aren’t really required to test on.

Top Android Versions For Testing


  • 8.0, 8.1 (0.2%)



  • 7.0, 7.1.1, 7.1.2 (2.2%)
  • 6.0, 6.0.1 (2.3%)
  • 5.0, 5.0.1, 5.0.2, 5.1, 5.1.1 (3.6%)
  • All other versions (< 2%)

Testin is trusted by many enterprises

Testin Clients Globally

So at this point, we know that people all over the world are using thousands of different devices. And we know that there is just no possible way to test on all of them.

This is where Testin comes in handy—to provide you with the Top Device Package in your target marketing with a fair price, allowing you have access to more devices than you’d ever be able to get your hands on.

Discovering issues on these devices may enable you to release an update fix for them before users even become aware of the problem. Logs from devices can also help you troubleshoot problems—especially logs from errors that can lead to a crash.

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