Service Features

  • Online Script Recording

    iTestin Online is an easy-to-use web-based tool that generates automatically-running test scripts. It has script group, nested script and combination of different scripts. You can input multiple parameters and test data sources. The same set of test scripts can be executed in different testing scenarios according to different parameters and test data sources you set, which can greatly enhance testing efficiency.

  • Multi-tasking

    Various types of automated tests, including functionality, compatibility, performance tests, in different executing modes, such as weak network connection, timing and repetitive, full and distributed executions, can be performed at the same time. Therefore, you can make flexible testing plans.

  • Cross-device Smart Execution

    Scripts, once written, can be executed on all smart terminals such as smart phones, tablet computers, set-top boxes, TVs and smart vehicle systems. The running modes of scripts can be switched silently while fitting well with the widgets, coordinators as well as other technologies such as image recognition, OCR and machine learning, which greatly enhances the robustness of scripts.

Service Advantages

  • Automated Tests

    • Testin (with 6+ yrs of experience, >4500 terminals, >2 million tested apps, >200 million tests) boasts automated testing technology which has acquired licenses for intellectual property rights. We provide tests on the latest system versions of Android and iOS devices. With our easy-to-use iTestin Online, you can conduct and record tests on various devices with the same scripts.
    • Automated tests feature a large number of cloud testing modes, distributed deployment of terminals, script management, data source management, report management, etc to help enterprises make the best use of testing processes. Through automated tests, enterprises' CI can be connected with Testin so enterprises can enjoy daily automated tests and remote real device testing technologies while the whole cloud testing processes can be monitored.
    • Automated tests can be conducted on various devices on exclusive cloud or public cloud. We can make flexible customized plans according to needs of enterprises. Enterprises can test their apps on devices on the cloud at any time, which is highly efficient with zero maintenance cost.
  • Conventional Tests

    • Without automated testing technology, the entire tests are executed manually. Even if testers may develop some simple automated testing tools with open source software, the testing capacity of these tools and the testing scenarios they can create are very limited. Agile app development is not possible without script recording, development and debugging while maintenance costs are quite high.
    • The testing mode is simplistic because tests rely solely on isolated computers. Without cloud management platform, it is impossible to make the best use of previous tests and improve coordination or extension.
    • Tests are confined to existing terminal models without distributed deployments or executions. As a result, these tests always come with a high maintenance cost while lacking in flexibility.

Application Scenarios

  • Enterprises want to introduce automated testing technologies to replace their existing manual methods to conduct regression tests or those tasks that need to be repeated or cannot be attended by testers for a long time.

  • Enterprises that have tried to build automated testing teams themselves or use open-source automated testing tools or other conventional tools are always stuck with low testing efficiency and unsatisfactory results. In that case, Testin's advanced automated testing technology, which has been widely acknowledged, is extremely helpful because it is cost-effective and highly efficient.