Service Features

  • Online Execution

    Transparent management goes through the whole process while the entire testing processes and results can be tracked online. Tests are directly linked to bug management system.

  • Professional Testing Team

    Project experts with over 5 years of testing experience and professional testing engineers with 3 to 5 years of experience are available for testing tasks.

  • Highly-matching Project Management

    Testin assigns experts and testers to enterprises's tests based on big data, thoroughly providing quality assurance in all aspects including planning, organization, commanding, coordination and evaluation.

Service Advantages

  • Bug Exploration

    • Without predetermined testing dimensions, bug exploration helps enterprises find out hidden problems by simulating the real environment where apps are used. This is a good way to eliminate the limitations of conventional testing methods and “testing fatigue”.
    • Enterprises have access to flexible testing resources both at home and abroad, which greatly makes up enterprises' shortage of experience, testers and authentic testing environment. Various exploratory testing methods help enterprises make sure that their apps can run smoothly under any circumstances.
    • Enterprises have to pay only for what they need, which is more cost-effective. Professional testing reports are ready normally within 24 hours.
  • Conventional Tests

    • Fixed testing personnel, time and location usually result in rigid test patterns, making it difficult for enterprises to find hidden problems.
    • As the testing methods within an enterprise tend to be simplistic, enterprises cannot accurately simulate the actual user's use scenario.
    • Enterprises cannot ensure testing quality at low costs. Low cost means low quality while high quality entails high cost.

Service Advantages

  • Enterprises want to use external professional testing resources to divest themselves from the limitations caused by fixed testing personnel, time, location and methods so as to disclose the hidden problem of their apps.

  • Enterprises hope that testers can simulate real users' behavior and proffer more comprehensive suggestions from users' viewpoint, covering issues as the interface, user experience, advantages, disadvantages of their apps. By sharing their expectations for apps from the point of view of actual users, testers can greatly help improve app quality.

  • When apps have high requirements for network connection or are sensitive to the change of locations when they are being used, the testing teams of enterprises usually cannot accurate simulate real users' scenario. In this case, these enterprises have to resort to external testing teams for more professional help.

Customer Case

JD Finance


Problems Testin's Help
  • Requiring good user experience.
  • Requiring high app response speed.
  • Asking for a multi-dimensional data comparison.
  • Testin ridded JD Finance of the challenges brought by their limited number of device models and conducted transparent tests on its app. All of the bugs detected could be found in our Bug Management System.
  • As a result, we successfully helped JD Finance remove all the defects of its app before it was released, guaranteeing its running speed and stability.
  • The testing result was reported back within 24 hours, which greatly saved time and cost and improved app quality.
  • By customizing our testing report format, JD Finance could effectively compare various dimensions of testing results.
  • Customized testing services and reports made a huge difference.