Service Features

  • Creating Use Case Library

    Create use case testing tasks based on use-case library.

  • Project Team Members

    Assign to project team members the use-case testing tasks which can be executed parallelly.

  • Bug Submission with One Simple Click

    Submit bug information to the bug library based on testing results.

Service Advantages

  • Use Case Tests

    • Use case management can be coordinated with testing management and bug management. Each executed step can be traced and reviewed. Use cases can be filtered and organized flexibly and executed repeatedly according to the needs of enterprises.
    • Bug information can be imported into the bug library with one click without the needs of repetitive entries, which increases accuracy and efficiency.
  • Conventional Tests

    • Without a direct way to assign use cases to testers, not only is testing efficiency low, but also it is possible to leave some use cases unassigned. Testing processes cannot be recorded effectively. Therefore, the execution of use cases can hardly be reviewed.
    • Because there isn't an effective bug management tool, or because there is a lack of connection between use case tests and the bug management tool, users have to enter the same information into different management tools repetitively, which greatly reduces efficiency.

Application Scenarios

  • Enterprises don't have systematic use case tests or, even if they do, their use cases cannot be efficiently assigned to testers. Therefore, testing results cannot be quickly aggregated. These enterprises want to introduce a good use-case testing tool to improve testing efficiency, team cooperation and the management of testing results which can be referred to in the future.

  • Enterprises want to quantitatively track testing processes so as to better evaluate the working and testing efficiency of testers.