Service Features

  • Laboratories

    Professional user research laboratories, capturing equipment and experts who provide customized services.

  • Surveys on User Experience

    We collect and analyze user experience with apps being tested. By analyzing users' body language, facial expressions, questionnaires and interviews, we intend to thoroughly understand the representative users' attitudes.

  • Quantitative Analysis

    We conduct qualitative and quantitative analysis on target users' experience to optimize app development strategies and reduce the time and cost engendered by invalid iterations.

Service Advantages

  • User Research

    • User research is conducted on real target user groups who can provide authentic expectations for enterprises' products.
    • Since we select target users for our research according to the needs of enterprises, research results are more valuable.
    • On the basis of scientific theories, we capture users' behavior through high quality sound, video and screen recording. The raw data collected in these ways is later analyzed by experts from various fields who will provide objective and scientific suggestions.
  • Conventional Tests

    • Without professional user research and data analysis, decisions are made based on experience or subjective assumptions which are not relaible.
    • Users cannot be targeted precisely. As the users' feedbacks are acquired through online questionnaires, their reliability is doubtable because they might mislead enterprises' app development strategies.
    • There is no theoretical guidance, professional research tools or experts. Confusing user interviews with user research, conventional tests cannot deeply study user psychology. To make things worse, conventional testers, who merely base their judgements on their own observations, cannot exclude user's ineffective feedbacks in research.

Application Scenarios

  • Enterprises want to have a good understanding of the expectations and preferences of their target users when they are designing their apps so as to eliminate the lack of consensus among target users, product managers and project decision-makers.

  • Enterprises want to improve the efficiency of app release, select the suitable release media and channels based on their target users, eliminate low ROI promotion, reduce the release cost, and improve the user retention rate.

  • Enterprises want to better understand users' preferences and the differences between similar apps in the same sector through user research. In this way, they can improve users' experience with their apps through iterations, live up to users' expectations and finally sharpen their competitive edge.

Customer Case


Auto Industry

Problems Testin's Help
  • Increased need for higher internal coordination.
  • Striving for the satisfaction of its customers.
  • Hoping for improving the user experience.
  • Focusing on quality assurance, Testin provided Benz with thoroughgoing app tests which included a full range of testing dimensions.
  • Testin helped Benz make a quantitative analysis on its app development cycle which made the newly released apps more reliable.
  • The testing frequency was increased from once in a month to once in two weeks.
  • The occurrence of bugs within the newly released app was completed prevented.
  • The internal complaint rate of its app fell from 70% to 5%.