Service Features

  • Online Use Case Design and Execution

    The design and execution of use cases are finished completely online under transparent management. Enterprises can keep track of the testing processes and stay updated on the testing results.

  • Expert Tags and Classification

    Testin has more than 2000 experts with 3-5 years of experience in different fields. Experts are tagged according to their certificates, previous performances, specialties, etc. In this way, enterprises can choose the suitable experts to conduct tests for them.

  • Customized Tests

    Testing experts make tailored plans for enterprises, submit testing reports within the agreed time and provide follow-up services.

Service Advantages

  • Expert Use Case Tests

    • Highly professional: Testin selects excellent and the most suitable testing experts and teams for enterprises. Experts selected have at least 3 years of testing experience in the field of your apps.
    • Lightening fast: Testin quickly responds to unexpected testing demands. The size of our testing teams is very flexible, relieving your enterprises from the nightmare of shorthandedness.
    • Pay as you go: This is extremely cost-effective as testing costs can be budgeted.
    • Extremely efficiently: Testing reports are available within 72 hours.
  • Conventional Tests

    • It is difficult for enterprises to find professional testers in time.
    • It is difficult for enterprises to organize testing teams of flexible and variable sizes.
    • No matter whether a testing service is fully used or not, enterprises always have to pay a high fixed testing cost.
    • It is difficult to guarantee test delivery when enterprises cannot hire enough testers for peak workload due to their limited budgets.

Application Scenarios

  • Enterprises without professional testing leaders want to resort to external experts for the design and execution of the entire tests and use cases.

  • Because of budget limits, enterprises cannot organize testing teams of suitable scales, or fail to conduct quality tests due to their lack of experience or other reasons. These enterprises want to use external testing resources as an alternative or supplement to their own testing teams.

  • Enterprises want to get help and some "novel suggestions" from external experts to improve their apps in a all-round way because they can conduct tests from different perspectives.

Customer Case

New Oriental Education


Problems Testin's Help
  • Expecting high flexibility from the testing teams.
  • Limited budget and testing team size
  • Pursuing optimum testing plans.
  • Testin timely responded to the sudden testing demands of New Oriental and demonstrated good flexibility of its testing teams.
  • Testin greatly reduced the testing cost with a smaller team size.
  • Testing results were submitted to New Oriental within 72 hours.