Service Features

  • Full Control

    Users have full control over our Android/iOS devices without the need to root/jailbreak them first.

  • Easy To Operate

    Users can connect and control Android devices on the cloud for debugging through web browsers, Eclipse, Android Studio, IDE and other ADB.

  • Abundant Functions

    Other functions include logs, filters and downloading, rotary screen, screenshots, etc.

Service Advantages

  • Remote Real Device Tests

    • Users have access to all of the device models on Testin cloud. They only have to pay for those they need for their tests, which greatly reduces costs.
    • The latest models of mobile phones will be available on Testin Cloud in time.
  • Conventionasl Tests

    • Enterprises have to purchase devices on their own. Due to the rapid update of device models in the market, devices they buy can only be used for a few tests, which is a waste of resources and money.
    • It usually takes a long time for enterprises to finish the approval procedures of purchasing devices. As a result, they can hardly acquire the latest device models in time.

Application Scenarios

  • Enterprises hope to test and debug timely the developed applications on new popular devices in the market or on the latest operating system; but it is impossible to obtain all the required models in time due to many reasons, such as budget, management and other procedures.

  • When enterprises receive some complaints on their app but figure out that problems only occur to certain device models, they need to conduct testing and debugging on these models in time to get rid of these problems and improve user experience.

Customer Cases

Koudai Shopping


Problems Testin's Help
  • It was too costly for the company to purchase testing equipment and conduct tests on its own.
  • The company wanted to improve the user experience of its app, which was pretty close to everyday life.
  • The company resorted to our remote testing service which boasted abundant real devices. It only had to pay according to the number of devices it needed without any maintenance concerns, which not only reduced cost but also enhanced efficiency.
  • Over 99% of the problems of the app could be disclosed by using Testin's device pool. Meanwhile, we kept testing logs, screenshots and detailed information on the tested device models. All of these helped the company address the problems and improve the user experience of its app.