Service Features

  • Personnel and Project Team Management

    Enterprise administrators can manage the internal personnel of the enterprise by dividing them into multiple project groups. Each project group has their own different working space and focus (including apps, use-case library, bug library, test reports, etc.).

  • System Version Management

    Manage app system versions, distribute quickly the latest application versions and collect problems in the project team/enterprise.

  • Testing Task Management

    Create and manage various types of test tasks, view the project team data according to multiple dimensions including task progress, test types, project members, etc. In this way, the project progress and result can be demonstrated clearly.

Service Advantages

  • Test Project Management

    • Testing resources and plans are assigned to project groups which are the basic working units so that tests can be orderly and efficiently carried out under strong management.
    • Testing processes and results are recorded on the Internet for future reference while project groups share testing space and information.
    • Testing progress is under close supervision so the working efficiency and results of each project group member can be evaluated quantitatively.
  • Conventional Tests

    • Testing processes and the management of testers and tested devices are chaotically arranged without clear-cut testing plans. As a result, the testing results are far from reliable or consistent because they rely too much on the testers' individual factors.
    • Traditional office tools, IM tools and emails are used to keep track of testing processes and communicate with clients, which not only lacks efficiency but also results in the loss of information. Furthermore, testing results cannot be reviewed effectively in the future.
    • The working efficiency and results of project group members cannot be evaluated quantitatively. As a result, the promotion system cannot function well.

Application Scenarios

  • Enterprises want to standardize testing processes and improve testing efficiency and quality through stronger management.

  • Enterprises want to keep track of the entire testing process so that they can review and evaluate testing results at any time.

  • Enterprises want to orderly manage large testing and development teams and conduct multiple testing project tasks at the same time.