- The last thing before app release -

Release testing service is necessary before apps are released. It is aimed at thoroughly testing the functionality, compatibility, performance and security of apps to ensure that they can be released at no risks.

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Enterprises often suffer from these headaches

What is release testing all about?

In line with the international standards IOS/IEC and GB/T, our release tests aim at comprehensively checking app functionality to assure app quality.

Reliable and thoroughgoing tests are conducted to guarantee the performance, usability, security and compatibility of apps that are going to be released

How can release testing help solve your problems?

Deeply detecting the defects of apps through searching, verification, robustness testing, in-depth verification and inspection

Continuously improving and optimizing apps during different testing periods to guarantee high quality

What resources are included in our release testing service?

  • Devices

    Boasting the largest testing lab in the world

  • Testers

    Providing 24/7 testing services

  • Testing tools

    Featuring flexible and quick testing management.

What changes can release testing bring to you?

Sample Report

They're all using our release testing service.


When we were using the release testing service offered by Testin, we had just built our own development team with few testers. Testin impressed us with their quality testing service supported by a large number of crowd-testing experts. After that, the percentage of complaints we received from our app users dropped from 88% to 3%. Release testing is highly recommended!

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With the development of the Internet, developing apps was a necessary choice to promote our efficiency. However, we couldn't assure the quality of all of the apps we released. The release testing service of Testin quantified app performance, helping us improve our apps effectively.

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After our app came on line, we received a lot of user feedback, bug complaints and suggestions, which we couldn't sort out neatly. Testin's release testing service helped us out. As a result, our app could be iterated and optimized in an orderly manner. We cannot thank Testin more!

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With the help of release testing service, 100% of our updated app versions were successfully released while the overall testing cost decreased by 40%, which was totally beyond our exception. Thank Testin for their professional service!


As a food producer offering online food ordering services, we are in great need of app quality assurance. Testin's release testing service provides powerful propelling force which greatly pushes us to move forward.

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