Current Status of App Security

98% of apps have security vulnerabilities.
80% of attacks take place in the application layer
46% of websites have security vulnerabilities.

Products and Services

You can have a free trial of Testin security scanning services with a few easy steps. Common security risks can be detected within 10 minutes by using static/dynamic scanning and other advanced technologies. After that, you will receive a detailed solution to enhance your app security.

App Security Scanning

Scan the app for latent security risks from the perspective of a hacker. Detect security vulnerablities that may cause data leak or assets loss and build up your defence before hackers could take a move.

Security Penetration Testing

Testin security experts use both tools and manual methods to further examine the security vulnerabilities in programming and help reduce them in source codes so as to enhance app security.

Code Audit

Values and Recommendation

Law-abiding Build User Trust Reduce Economic Loss Improve Enterprise Image Increase Asset Valuation
Requirement Coding Integration Testing Release Cost of Vulnerablity Remediation

Our Advantages

Testing Dimensions Testin Security Testing Generic Tools Scanning
App Security Vulnerablities
System Vulnerablities
Business Logic Vulnerabilities
Permission Vulnerablities
Security Configuration Errors
Code Auditing
Reappearance of security vulnerablities
Professional Report and Recommendations
Verification of Vulnerablity Remediation
Emergency Response

Industry Solutions


Provide in-depth testing services to address the problems haunting Internet finance, e-commerce and similar sectors, in areas such as business security, payment security and fake orders.


Providing targeted testing services to prevent the common attacks and vulnerablities in the financial industry, and train R&D personnel to avoid risks from the source.


With the cuurent security status in view, provide targeted security testing and consulting services.

Government enterprises

Conduct security risk assessment tests on different dimensions such as operation management, application and data and provide professional recommendations to address the problems found.


For the specific user scenarios and cases, provide targetted end-point, management and cloud security testing services.


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