Service Features

  • In-depth Vulnerability Detection

    Security penetration testing thoroughly detects those security vulnerabilities that may cause economic and reputational losses. Our experts will plan out an attack route based on all the vulnerabilities found and simulate hackers' attack.

  • Vulnerability Fixing Plan

    Security experts analyze the causes of vulnerabilities and propose practical solutions to fix them.

  • Follow-up Testing Services

    After the vulnerabilities detected have been repaired, follow-up tests are conducted to analyze and assess the effectiveness of vulnerability fixing.

Service Advantages

  • Security Penetration Tests

    • Testin has experts who once worked in the security departments of Microsoft, Alibaba, HP, Xdowns, Huawei, etc. With a mastery over top security testing technology and tools, they have abundant experience in security penetration testing and emergency handling.
    • Using a variety of technologies such as static, dynamic scanning, malware analysis, etc. to accurately locate app vulnerabilities.
    • Providing 40+ tests for mobile applications, covering many testing dimensions, such as environment security, data security, communication security, server security, etc.
  • Conventional Tests

    • Conventional tests do not include app security detection process in general.
    • Conventional testers are generally not equipped with security experience.
    • It is very risky to release apps without any security tests.

Application Scenarios

  • Helping enterprises find out the security risks lying in the core codes and third-party SDK of their apps so that they will not be used by attackers and result in losses.

  • Helping enterprises detect the vulnerabilities and residual information in their apps before they are released so that these vulnerabilities will not lead to the leakage of information of both enterprises and users.

  • Helping enterprises reduce security threats while guaranteeing agile app iteration.

Customer Case

An E-commerce Platform in Shanghai


Problems Testin's Help

The large number of platform users entails the security of data and transaction funds.

Through security penetration service, we found 10 high risk vulnerabilities and other dangerous vulnerabilities, such as using unchecked data and purchasing any goods with merely 1 yuan. Testin's security experts helped the app developer identify vulnerabilities and take timely measures to avoid huge financial losses.