Service Features

  • Preventing Reverse-Engineering

    Prevent hackers from reverse-engineering your apps or restoring the authentic coding logic by packing your apps or adding confusing codes.

  • Anti-debugging

    Prevent attackers from dynamic debugging and code injection so that apps can be secured from malicious behavior such as phishing attacks, transaction hijacking and memory data tampering

  • Anti-tampering

    Verify the completeness and signatures of apps to prevent apps from being tampered with or repackaged

Service Advantages

  • App Security Reinforcement

    • Testin's security reinforcement service not only encrypts the codes of apps but also encrypts files so that app security can be consolidated
    • Testin's security reinforcement service will minimize its influence on the performance and file size of apps
    • After security reinforcement, Testin can provide professional compatibility tests to assess the effectiveness of our service.
  • Conventional Reinforcement Services

    • As conventional security reinforcement services usually include coding encryption alone, important files, configurations, etc. still face high risks of being reverse-engineered or tampered with.
    • App performance will decline after conventional security reinforcement services while the sizes of app package will be increased.
    • Conventional security reinforcement services cannot guarantee compatibility.

Application Scenarios

  • Enterprises want to guarantee both app security and high-speed iterations.

  • Enterprises want to ensure that their core research results are not stolen or pirated

  • Enterprises want to ensure that confidential data and businesses will not be stolen or tampered with

Customer Case

A government enterprise in Guangzhou


Problems Testin's Help

The enterprise's application data was illegally tampered with many times. After being packaged twice, dozens of illegal statements were released, resulting in reputation losses and abominable effects.

After Testin's mobile app security reinforcement, app security was greatly improved, and the similar safety problems have not appeared, which is highly appreciated by the local government.