Service Features

  • Security Scanning

    Thoroughly scanning the coding, configuration, resource and other contents of apps for unregulated behavior, dangerous functions or sensitive information contained in apps' components, plug-ins and SDK.

  • Risk Assessment

    Thoroughly assessing the risks of apps undergoing external attacks, such as component invocation, sensitive function calls and dynamic injection, by evaluating apps' functions, components, interface, etc.

  • Providing Recommendations

    Providing professional and feasible solutions to the risks identified through security scanning.

Service Advantages

  • App Security Scanning

    • Accurately locating security vulnerabilities of apps through various technologies as static and dynamic scanning and malware analysis.
    • Featuring higly efficient automated scanning. Testing reports are available in 10 mins while the entire testing processes are completely recorded.
    • Scanning with Testin's patent tools, which help enterprises evaluate the security of their apps from the aspects of configurations, coding, components, data, encryption, communications, etc.
  • Conventional Tests

    • Security scanning is usually not included.
    • Testers are generally not experienced in safeguarding security
    • Apps released without security scanning usually face serious security threats.

Application Scenarios

  • Security scanning helps enterprises find out the security risks lying in the core codes or third-party SDK of their apps so that they can take remedial measures before being taken advantage of by attackers and suffering economic losses.

  • Security scanning helps enterprises find out vulnerabilities or residual information of the apps to be released so as to prevent information leaks.

  • Security scanning provides enterprises with efficient security detection when they are working on the iteration of apps, guaranteeing low-risk and rapid app release.

Customer Case

A Game Developer in Shanghai


Problems Testin's Help

As a major game developer in Shanghai, it has a large number of players and online transaction orders. However, it frequently suffered from problems such as malicious cracking, illegal Games plug-in, and massive leakage of users' sensitive data.

Through Testin security scanning, we found 8 high security vulnerabilities, such as data tampering, memory modification, denial of service etc. After adopting our solutions, this company got rid of these risks in time.