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Not every enterprise wants to build their own app by themselves. Many select to outsource their development work to others. With limited QA resources, it is hard for the enterprises to check outsourcing work quality assurance which lead to hidden issue cannot be find before release.

Testin mobile lab covers over 90% of the U.S., SEA and China's device market.

Based on key modules, Testin script engineers create test scripts and runs on selected devices.

Compatibility test results will provide detailed logs, screenshots, error descriptions, etc.

A dedicated professional QA team help enterprise quickly find hidden issue.

A detail test plan will be delivered before testing, and provide repro steps, bug log, screenshot and video with test report.

Security Scan: Providing tools and services thoroughly detecting potential security risks.

Security Protection: Protect your app from reverse engineering.

Security Consulting: Providing consulting services to comprehensively improve security management and risk control.

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