Service Features

  • Cloud Use Case Management

    Different test case libraries are assigned to different project groups which share the use case data.

  • Teamwork Test

    You can plan use case tasks by selecting use cases from the library, assign them to project groups and keep close track of testing results.

  • Import/Export with a Click

    Use case list can be imported and exported with a simple click of mouse. Offline testing records can be managed on the cloud easily.

Service Advantages

  • Use Case Management

    • Unlike conventional managing methods, Testin's use case management is exercised on the cloud. You can generate your test cases by following our testing steps and entering some necessary information. The exclusive use case library of your enterprises can be imported.
    • It perfectly works with test project management and bug management. Use cases can be executed automatically after they have been designed. Use case library is connected to the bug library automatically, which saves you the trouble of repetitive entry and reduce maintenance cost brought by the iteration of use cases.
  • Conventional Tests

    • Without good management, test cases are merely scattered in the hands of testers rather than designed in an orderly and unified way. As a result, the thoroughness of tests cannot be guaranteed while the execution of test cases cannot be effectively tracked.
    • With isolated test case management tools, use case design and use case execution are separated, making operation complicated and increasing maintenance cost.

Application Scenarios

  • Enterprises still using conventional methods to manage test cases want to introduce an easy-to-use test case management and maintenance system, make the best use of tests and reduce maintenance cost brought by the iteration of use cases.

  • Enterprises suffering from isolated bug management systems want to introduce a unified bug management system so that testers and developers won't need to spend time frequently switching from one system to another.