tmt-workflow Test

Product Features

Service advantage

  • Highly professional: Testin selects excellent and the most suitable testing experts and teams for enterprises. Experts selected have at least 3 years of testing experience in the field of your apps.
  • Lightening fast: Testin quickly responds to unexpected testing demands. The size of our testing teams is very flexible, relieving your enterprises from the nightmare of shorthandedness.
  • Pay as you go: This is extremely cost-effective as testing costs can be budgeted.
  • Extremely efficiently: Testing reports are available within 72 hours.
  • It is difficult for enterprises to find professional testers in time.
  • It is difficult for enterprises to organize testing teams of flexible and variable sizes.
  • No matter whether a testing service is fully used or not, enterprises always have to pay a high fixed testing cost.
  • It is difficult to guarantee test delivery when enterprises cannot hire enough testers for peak workload due to their limited budgets.

Application scenarios

Customer Case

New Oriental Education

  • Problems

    • Expecting high flexibility from the testing teams.
    • Limited budget and testing team size
    • Pursuing optimum testing plans.
  • Testin's Help

    • Testin timely responded to the sudden testing demands of New Oriental and demonstrated good flexibility of its testing teams.
    • Testin greatly reduced the testing cost with a smaller team size.
    • Testing results were submitted to New Oriental within 72 hours.