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Product Features

Service advantage

  • Senior experts make customized plans to test the performance of apps and accurately calculate hardware and software requirements to save resources.
  • Senior experts make customized plans with a complete range of testing methods to accurately locate the problems that influence apps’ performance.
  • Our services are provided by professional performance testing teams who have accumulated abundant experience by working for different enterprises for a long time. Our highly efficient testers excel in using all sorts of testing methods and tools.
  • Due to their lack of knowledge of performance tests, conventional testers do not conduct performance tests or calculate the software and hardware matching ratio. As a result, they request enterprises to procure more hardware than necessary, which is a serious waste of money.
  • Conventional tests lack performance testing experts, personnel and elaborate plans. Nothing can be done when performance problems occur except for taking stopgap methods or purchasing more hardware.
  • As performance tests require a lot for testers and testing environments, enterprises have to invest lots of money beforehand. Furthermore, the training of testers is way too long while trainees don’t have sufficient opportunities to put what they have learnt into practice.

Application scenarios

Customer Case


Automotive Industry
  • Problems

    • Striving for better app performance.
    • Aching for improving the stability of its products.
    • Longing for more professional trainings.
  • Testin's Help

    • After using the customized testing plans provided by our experienced specialists, BMW found out the underlying problems of its internal app and thereby improved its running speed which finally earned plenty of positive feedback from its users.
    • As a result, the app could run much more smoothly with its user complaint falling by 15%.
    • Finally, a better internal app greatly improved the staff trainings of BMW.