tmt-workflow Test

Product Features

Product advantages

  • Testing resources and plans are assigned to project groups which are the basic working units so that tests can be orderly and efficiently carried out under strong management.
  • Testing processes and results are recorded on the Internet for future reference while project groups share testing space and information.
  • Testing progress is under close supervision so the working efficiency and results of each project group member can be evaluated quantitatively.
  • Testing processes and the management of testers and tested devices are chaotically arranged without clear-cut testing plans. As a result, the testing results are far from reliable or consistent because they rely too much on the testers’ individual factors.
  • Traditional office tools, IM tools and emails are used to keep track of testing processes and communicate with clients, which not only lacks efficiency but also results in the loss of information. Furthermore, testing results cannot be reviewed effectively in the future.
  • The working efficiency and results of project group members cannot be evaluated quantitatively. As a result, the promotion system cannot function well.

Application scenarios