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Product Features

Service advantage

  • Testin has experts who once worked in the security departments of Microsoft, Alibaba, HP, Xdowns, Huawei, etc. With a mastery over top security testing technology and tools, they have abundant experience in security penetration testing and emergency handling.
  • Using a variety of technologies such as static, dynamic scanning, malware analysis, etc. to accurately locate app vulnerabilities.
  • Providing 40+ tests for mobile applications, covering many testing dimensions, such as environment security, data security, communication security, server security, etc.
  • Conventional tests do not include app security detection process in general.
  • Conventional testers are generally not equipped with security experience.
  • It is very risky to release apps without any security tests.

Application scenarios

Customer Case

An E-commerce Platform in Shanghai

  • Problems

    The large number of platform users entails the security of data and transaction funds.

  • Testin's Help

    Through security penetration service, we found 10 high risk vulnerabilities and other dangerous vulnerabilities, such as using unchecked data and purchasing any goods with merely 1 yuan. Testin's security experts helped the app developer identify vulnerabilities and take timely measures to avoid huge financial losses.