tmt-workflow Test

Product Features

Service advantages

  • Accurately locating security vulnerabilities of apps through various technologies as static and dynamic scanning and malware analysis.
  • Featuring higly efficient automated scanning. Testing reports are available in 10 mins while the entire testing processes are completely recorded.
  • Scanning with Testin’s patent tools, which help enterprises evaluate the security of their apps from the aspects of configurations, coding, components, data, encryption, communications, etc.
  • Security scanning is usually not included.
  • Testers are generally not experienced in safeguarding security
  • Apps released without security scanning usually face serious security threats.

Application scenarios

Customer Case

A Game Developer in Shanghai

  • Problems

    As a major game developer in Shanghai, it has a large number of players and online transaction orders. However, it frequently suffered from problems such as malicious cracking, illegal Games plug-in, and massive leakage of users' sensitive data.

  • Testin's Help

    Through Testin security scanning, we found 8 high security vulnerabilities, such as data tampering, memory modification, denial of service etc. After adopting our solutions, this company got rid of these risks in time.