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Automated testing private cloud

Easy to use with various features, customized deployment and centralized device management

Script recording

Write script easily

Testing period

Improve team efficiency

Expert team

Overcome the shortage of personnel

Testin walks you through every phase of the test.

Enterprise test management

Manage testing projects and personnel

  • Manage testing projects

    Help enterprises with regular test management, synchronize test progress and improve work efficiency

  • Bug management

    Help enterprises establish a professional cloud-end bug management and tracking system that complements with other services

  • Use case management

    Help enterprises keep accurate records on the processes and results of use case tests so that they can conduct reviews and quantitative evaluations at any time.

Product development stage

Testing adjustment in the development stage

  • Automated testing

    Help enterprises perform a large number of repetitive tests with multiple devices in a short period of time.

  • Use case testing

    Help enterprises keep accurate records on the processes and results of use case tests so that they can conduct reviews and quantitative evaluations at any time.

  • Remote real device testing

    Give enterprises access to Testin Cloud Device Pool which features abundant real devices.

Product release stage

Testing steps before app release

  • Experts use case testing

    Help enterprises overcome the problems brought by insufficient testing time, shortage of testing staff and lack of expertise.

  • Bug exploration

    Help enterprises solve the limitations brought by fixed testers, testing cyles and locations to assure app quality.

  • User research

    Help enterprises develop a better understanding of product positioning to improve user experience.

Product operation stage

Data driven version iteration

  • A/ B testing

    Help enterprises optimize the conversion rate of their landing pages at a lower cost; reduce iteration risks by testing new features with a small number of users beforehand.

  • User growth

    Help enterprises acquire more app users rapidly.

More Options Give You Greater Possibilities.

Despite the increased competition in the game app market, NetEase Games remains so successful because it has developed various game apps by investing more in R&D. Knowing that a good game app can never be developed overnight without testing, NetEase Games turns to Testin for help.

Amap is a well-known map navigation app in China. Because of its comprehensive, convenient and reliable map services, it has always ranked at the forefront of map apps. Its convenient services have earned plenty of positive user feedback. In pursuit of higher quality, it chooses to cooperate with Testin.

In an era of the Internet, the Industrial Bank was the first to come up with "Internet +" strategy in the banking industry. The app it launched turned out to be highly relevant to its clients’ everyday life. The compatibility tests provided by Testin made it possible for the app to run smoothly on different electronic devices and therefore retain more users.

New Oriental Education & Technology Group manages to concentrate quality educational resources and improve its efficiency by using information technology. Testin—its reliable partner—plays a vital role in this process.

In the current automotive industry, Benz has to change its marketing strategies. In order to improver user experience, Benz works with Testin to ensure that its webpages can be properly viewed on any mainstream mobile phone.

Under the impact of the Internet, the catering industry also needs to evolve with the times. McDonald’s, as a multinational fast food giant, has been actively engaged in the rise of the Internet by enhancing its presence through online marketing.

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