What To Test In A Mobile App?

Kayla 09/04/2018

Mobile apps are relatively easier to create than computer softwares, their considerable lower price has translated into a growing industry which will only grow rapidly year by year.

Manual vs Automation Testing

Kayla 09/03/2018

Both manual and automated testing has its pros and cons. It’s worth knowing the differences, and when to use either or both for best results.

The Importance Of UX (User Experience)

Alice 08/24/2018

UX is important because it aims to provide positive experiences that keep users loyal to the product or brand.

Case Study: Nescafé Regained Market Share Through Testing

Alice 08/21/2018

We are proud and privileged to have helped Nescafé achieve excellent app functionality and payment security to establish its market share and leveraged its app to increase sales.

You mostly won’t pay to win an app game—but Chinese gamers will

Alice 08/14/2018

While app gamers in the West might frown at the idea of paying to get an upper hand in games, many of their Chinese counterparts find the practice perfectly acceptable. 5 billion smartphones were sold in 2017, and Smartphone unit sales in China were 424.5million, 432.2million and 435.9million in 2017,2016 and 2015.

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