Why you need Testin to start China app marketing?

Alice 08/14/2018

1.5 billion smartphones were sold in 2017, and Smartphone unit sales in China were 424.5million, 432.2million and 435.9million in 2017,2016 and 2015.

7 Strategies for End-to-End Mobile Testing on Android and iOS

Alice 08/14/2018

Mobile testing on Android and iOS includes device testing, OS Version Testing and Support,Device Testing vs Emulator Testing, Carriers Testing & Network Connectivity Testing, Interruption Testing, Crowdsourced Testing, and Security Testing.

How to Optimize Your App Performance through Testin Compatibility Test

Jerry 05/07/2018

In the negative app reviews, we also find that some of them complain poor app performance. Each mobile device manufacturer has its own low, mid and high-end devices. We do not see much problem with high-end devices. However, if we run a game or app on low-end devices, the performance can be very different. Testin compatibility test will give you an overview of your app performance by running it on devices of different specs. From the test result

How to Improve Your App Quality through Testin Compatibility Test

Jerry 05/03/2018

With the continuous fragmentation of the mobile market, we have been witnessing more and more negative ratings and reviews in app stores about compatibility issue. Due to the lack of app users’ device debug data and device models, it is difficult for development teams to debug issues quickly.

How to Effectively Test App Compatibility

Jerry 04/28/2018

In 2017, the number of mobile devices sold worldwide reached over 1.5 billion devices. This number is expected to grow even more rapidly in 2018. While Samsung and Apple have taken the biggest market share, Xiaomi, Huawei, Vivo, and Oppo’s have made aggressive strategies for going global so as to break into more markets and take more of the pie. As this competition becomes tougher and tougher, all smart phone manufacturers are doing their utmost

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