Service Features

  • A Complete Range of Device Models

    Testin boasts the largest real device lab in the world with over 4500 device models, including the mainstream Android and iOS models which cover over 95% of the users in the market. Furthermore, we also have tablet computers, wearable devices, smart electronic appliances, etc available for tests.

  • All-round Services

    Enterprises may have their own customized testing services. Testin can test scripts, covering the core app interfaces and functions, according to the needs of enterprises. Our testing reports include every specific testing step, screenshot, video, log, performance indicator, etc.

  • Widely Applicable Scope

    Automated script execution on the cloud ensures that testing reports can be generated as soon as possible. Compatibility tests can be conducted for mobile apps, game apps, H5 website, WeChat Official Accounts, WeChat mini program as well as smart hardware. The results are later reviewed by our testing staff to eliminate any flaws or negligence.

Service Advantages

  • Compatibility Tests

    • Testin boasts the largest real device cloud lab in the world with a complete range of device models which are refilled simultaneously with the newly launched models in the market. Named as “Testin Mobile App Testing Center”, it is the only one of its kind to be approved by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment.
    • Scripts are recorded by experts and then automatically executed on the cloud. All of our device models are carefully selected or even customized, covering the majority of users in the market.
    • After automated execution, testing results are reviewed by our staff to ensure accuracy.
    • The output data is comprehensive and abundant, including industry comparative analysis.
  • Conventional Tests

    • Enterprises can only purchase a limited number of device models and cannot keep pace with the market updates.
    • Most conventional tests don't include compatibility tests. Some enterprises may simply test their apps on a small number of device models, which can hardly fulfill the requirements of compatibility.
    • Manual execution means low test efficiency while only a small number of device models can be involved in the tests.
    • The output result is simplistic, lacking in multiple dimensional data analysis.

Application Scenarios

  • Enterprises hope that their newly released apps will run smoothly on most of the devices in the market. Users will not have to suffer from problems such as installation, uninstallation, operation and response failures, UI exceptions and app crash.

  • Enterprises want to ensure that smart hardware can match and inter-operate efficiently with most of the mobile phones (for example, through bluetooth connection).

  • Enterprises want to ensure that their apps will not interfere with the mainstream apps when they are all operating at the same time on the same device.

Customer Case


Problems Customer' Success
  • It was too costly to purchase testing equipment.
  • Too much manual operation would lead to inaccurate testing results.
  • Testing was too time-consuming and inefficient.
  • turned to Testin which boasts the largest real device lab in the world. We have over 50,000 device models from over 4500 brands.
  • We provided with automated compatibility testing service, the result of which was later reviewed by our experts to guarantee its accuracy.
  • Our compatibility test was conducted on a number of devices at the same time. A multi-dimensional testing report was given back to within 24 hours.