Product Feature

  • All-round Security Detection
  • Automatically Generate Visual Report
  • Precision Repair Solution
  • From application code, configuration, components, data, encryption, communication and other multi-dimensional comprehensive scanning, to achieve multi-angle and all-round in-depth detection

  • Through security detection, system can automatically generate visual test report, and display application security status, risk details and other information to make application security status visualization

  • According to current situation of application security, a precise, efficient and detailed risk repair plan is generated to significantly improve application security

Product Advantage

  • Authoritative Vulnerability Certification

    Combined with OWASP, CVE, CWE, CNNVD, CNVD and other authoritative vulnerability rule base, scope of vulnerability detection far exceeds industry average level
  • Report Rapid Feedback

    Efficient automatic scanning, issue security scanning report within 5 minutes, complete record of testing process
  • Custom Development and Flexible Deployment

    Support customized development of scanning strategy and integration of third-party tools, support flexible deployment of enterprise local and cloud

Application Scenario

  • The number of enterprise applications is large and iteration is fast. Applications contain open source code or embed third-party SDK, etc., which requires efficient and fast scanning tools to ensure application security

  • Enterprise is a third-party application developer, facing delivery challenge of extremely high requirements of party a's security test

  • Enterprise is a regulatory/evaluation institution, which needs to evaluate a large number of applications, analyze and count related application security issues, complete application testing and customized development quickly and efficiently with professional scanning tools

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