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Testin Compatibility Test

• More than 4,500 model of devices 
• Testin will create customized scripts based on testing requirements
• Comprehensive data for debugging

Testin Security Guard

Provide one-stop services in scanning, penetrating, auditing,
consulting, etc., to protect the security of your apps to the greatest extent.

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Automation Testing

Making tests much easier

Managing Testing Data

Sorting out your testing data

Shortening Testing Cycle

Improving working efficiency

Professional Testing Teams

Providing on-demand testing services

Your partner through each phase of app life cycle.

  • Test Management

    Project Management

    Provide testing management tool to improve efficiency

    Bug Management

    Build professional cloud-based bug management and tracking system

    Use Case Management

    Help enterprises keep accurate records on the processes and results of use case tests so that they can conduct reviews and quantitative evaluations at any time

  • Product Development Phase

    Automation Testing

    Expedite app testing cycle and increase testing coverage by running scripts on Testin’s device farm

    Use Case Testing

    Keep accurate records on the processes and results of use case tests so that they can conduct reviews and quantitative evaluations at any time

    Remote Real Device Testing

    Access Testin’s device farm through browsers to debug on real devices

  • Product Release Phase

    Compatibility Testing

    Testin will create scripts to run on selected group of devices to verify compatibility issues

    Bug Exploration

    Expanding in house testing capabilities, get extra testers to help run exploratory tests on demand

    User Experience Research

    Target the right demographic for your users, and get a better understanding of how to improve the user experience

  • Product Operation Phase

    A/B Testing

    Minimize iteration risk by distributing new features to a small group of users beforehand and optimize conversion rates

    User Growth

    Testin will analyze your product and create ad creatives targeting the right users


Your company and products are assured with Testin's vast experience.

  • Apps Tested
  • Tests Executed
  • Serious Bugs Found

Proudly Serving

  • McDonald's

    In China, McDonalds has developed their own standalone order and delivery application which utilizes location based services, payments, and multiple ends of communication. To maintain and update this application requires strict testing protocols to ensure quality. McDonald's utilizes Testin's cloud and automation services for quick and comprehensive testing.

  • Mercedes Benz

    As one of the most well-known luxury automobile brands, Mercedes Benz is known for ensuring and providing only the best quality products. Testin partners with Mercedes digital service team to ensure functionality, compatibility, and performance to assure that their digital products will maintain the same high quality that their vehicles are is known for.

  • Nescafe

    Nescafe coffee has become a staple in China. With Testin's help, Nescafe is able to test their e-commerce app quality and verify their product flow is working as intended for each major city in China. By validating app functionality and performance before release, Nescafe ensured their users' experience is flawless and increased the revenue potential.

  • Netease Game

    As one of the largest gaming companies in China, Netease needs to understand how their games' performances are running across all different types of devices. Testin provides an in-depth look into each game's compatibility with different devices for Netease to quickly target and fix any issues that would be found.


    With over 200 million users and over 12 million videos posted every day, has become a global social network for content creators. With so many different models of devices globally, it's difficul to troubleshoot device fragmentation issue. Testin compatibility test fixes this by targeting the pain points on specific devices allowing to focus on building better experiences.

  • China Mobile

    Being one of the largest mobile operators in China, China Mobile also has various mobile products. Using Testin's automation technology, China Mobile can create scripts to accurately simulate real user behavior and run frequently to check app stability. Integrating Testin dashboard and alert system to the on-call system, China Mobile is able to quickly respond to customer feedback.

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